Mid December 2014 – I started suffering from heartburn, which was unlike any other heartburn sensation experienced in the past. The most noticeable symptom being a prominent discomfort when swallowing anything be it solids or fluid.

About 3 weeks later i found myself in the rooms of an ENT Surgeon
2 days later i had a scope send down the throat to investigate.

What was discovered …..


The oesophagus was clear until the juncture with the stomach.
There was circumferential inflammation and an ulcer or 2 – with the largest measuring 4 cm’s in length.
The scope entered the stomach – however this was found to be clear.
The surgeon took the liberty of taking samples for biopsy, which when returned identified cancerous cells.

I was then referred to a specialist surgeon who prescribed more tests

1/ Various bloods drawn
2/ CT scan – where a contrast dye is drunk along with an iodine drip >>> this is to determine whether the cancer has spread or is indeed localised…..However one needs to realise that the CT scan cannot identify any cancerous cell build up smaller than one’s fingernail.

The results have identified that the cancer appears to be localised in the oesophagus for now…… and has been tagged + identified with a grading of Stage 03.


So always up for a challenge – it now appears that I have one of my biggest to date. As i am now embarking on a 6 week programme of aggressive treatment.
This consists of alternating radio + chemotherapy sessions, which will hopefully quickly reduce and eventually kill off these unwanted visitors.
After the initial 6 week period – we will then wait another 6 week period without any treatment, before performing another CT scan to identify how successful we are.

However it is surmised that we will inevitably be erring on the side of caution and actually having a surgical removal of the Esophagus (esophagectomy)
So 2015 is sure going to be an interesting year and I will be sure to update this thread as my journey progresses……….


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  1. Gosh, Stuart …. I remember all this so vividly… like yesterday …. How bravely you fought back then and now you have to start the battle all over again … We will be pushing and pulling… Take the horns by the bull. You can do it ….


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