Update 03/03/2015

Currently started my 3rd week of therapy yesterday ……

*I have a new-found respect for those on treatment – simply put …… “its nasty”
The radiation tires you and messes with your insides ….. whilst the chemo courses through your veins and makes it very hard to stay positive.
For the life of me I am sincerely grateful that it is only me that has to deal with this treatment – as I come close to losing it when i see kids in the same predicament….. breaks my freakin heart

What i have also come to understand is that no-one can determine / depict for sure what side effects will be experienced ….. but i can assure you – there will be some!!!
In my instance the following:

* The radiation serves to irritate the identified area in the oesophagus – as a direct consequence – I now have a constant / daily reminder of my condition overtime i swallow – be it water of food… I am led to believe that this may subside as we progress.

* Radiating the chest – has affected my lungs – resulting in a dry cough

*Nausea – I am lucky – only experience this for the 48 hrs after every reload of chemo

*Night sweats – constantly – with a very strong odour of uric acid as the body attempts to filter out the toxin (chemo)

*Insomnia – was a significant symptom – although have found some respite after being prescribed sleeping tabs

*No loss of appetite though – but have noticed a steady decrease in weight over the last 60 days ….. starting off at 98kgs in Dec ….. i set a new benchmark when i climbed on the scale yesterday and observed that i had crossed the 90 kg barrier …. weighing in @ 89.5kg’s

Taking it one day @ a time


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