Update 09th April 2015

Pleased to announce …..

Day 7 post treatment arrived > with a noticeable improvement in being able to swallow “anything” without discomfort.
Plenty of sunshine D > warm 29 degree (celsius) seawater > and good food
My strength and resolve is improving by the day

Now that the treatment phase is complete – am receiving many messages enquiring whether we have won the good fight
Unfortunately we have to wait until the PET scan is conducted http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Positro…ion_tomography
PET scan booked for the 12th May – this will be able to dictate how successful the treatment has been

Be what it may – this has been a SEVERE wake up call when diagnosed at the tender age of 46 – with a condition – that i (incorrectly) always associated with the older spectrum.
I had in the past considered the what if scenario …… but then simply dismissed the notion > as thought that i would deal with it when i got to the premium age 70+

I have two daughters aged 5 + 10 and it really got to me when I envisioned them without Dad around
So when confronted with reality – yes I decided to give it all i got + more…. whatever-it-bloody-takes!!!!!

There is a wealth of information out there on the topic ………. perhaps too much
My thread was started to note my personal trip – as i believe somewhere / somehow down the line someone else can benefit
As there will be a plethora of questions:

Perfect example being:

How long after radiation therapy stops – do you return to some sort of normality?

THE textbook answer + up to 14 days.

In my instance > started on the morning of the 07th day post treatment

I would like to invite anyone who reads this thread or knows of someone that could benefit from a chat to get in touch with me.
I am at your disposal +27 (0) 722 66 7212


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