Update 11th May 2015

The day for the PET scan arrived this morning …….
Headed over to Morningside clinic – nuclear medicine dept this morning @ 07h00
By 07h30 they had administered the FDG [FLUORODEOXYGLUCOSE] glucose based dye / contrast and then i had to remain on a lazy boy chair for 1 hr 30 minutes
Thereafter its strapped to the stretcher and inserted into the tunnel like CT scanner……… the total time period for this is 45 minutes

Once the procedure was completed – we headed off to ultrasound – as the Doctor wanted some images of the liver

BY 15h00 i received my results

And short and sweet >>>>>>>> we have won the battle >>>>>> no signs of cancer
Now there is still some way to go as the scar tissue has to be removed – so surgery is on the cards – as leaving the scar tissue behind will be looking for trouble.

But for now – Rigpig is cancer free and also a very relieved man indeed


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