Ja Kerels

So arrived at UCT Private Academic on Tuesday 02nd & checked in for the op scheduled for 08h00
Everything going smoothly until they wheeled me into a smaller “kamertjie” adjacent to the operating room and …….. left me lying there ….. twas then i tell you that the“flight or flight” scenario kicked in. Toughest 20 mins of my life > i can honestly say that my left and right hemispheres took each other on > “my kop het gerrraaaaas!!!!

Anyway i am told that the op went smoothly – which basically involved removal of entire oesophagus (approx 8 inches)
The stomach was remoulded > as in closing of normal valve and formulating a new entrance point
Approx 30% of stomach removed as well.

The stomach was then lifted and attached to my neck – anatomically speaking a little lower than left carotid + above the heart.
This entailed deflating the left lung – moving the furniture into position and reinflating

APPROX 4 1/2 hrs later i was wheeled out brought back to terra firma and told everything appeared successfull
Placed in Intensive Care with chest neck drains / urinary catheter / iv lines for pain and fluids / nasogastric tube



Wednesday 01st July

Arrival of a pretty little physiotherapist – who took on the rank of sergeant major with her sadistic reproduction of aerobic activity exercises for the lungs

Thursday 02nd July

Removal of chest drains
Also received a “BIG ASS” get well soon card from the kids


Friday 03rd July

Urinary catheter removed / nasogastric removed
And best of all i got my marching orders to report to general ward – to which i travelled in style ala wheelchair
The new found freedom [losing all the peripheral attachments] and room with a view was tremendously uplifting


Best of all is the new look train tracks on the chest and neck



Next major step is to determine whether the stoma > rejoined section of stomach and what was left of what was previously referred to as oesophagus has joined sufficiently.
This will be done tomorrow Monday 06th June by sending down some contrast and taking an x-ray
If that gives us the green light then – we are charging out the blocks and starting to send food down again………..
Remember last meal was Monday night _its only been drips since then …… sneaked onto the scale today and witnessed a reduction in body weight from 94 – 89kgs


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