Update 08th July 2015

So a couple of things have taken place today ……

1/ The tea lady visited my room bright and early with coffee and some extra biscuits as a surprise for my birthday….. proof that some people do take notice of theinformation listed on PT stickers

2/ The Professor walks into my room this morning smiling from ear to ear ….. i think the reference ” cheshire cat” would do well here.
I tell him to spit it out + he does ….. after removal of the oesophagus it is sent off for further histology tests ….. this and other nodules that cannot be seen until one has actually physically gained access to the PT’s chest cavity.

Remember we have done a PET Scan and also a follow up scope ….. both of these have shown us to be in the clear – however one cannot see what is transpiring / taking place on the other side of the oesophagus .

In this instance cancer cells were found present in the nodes!!!

It therefore goes without saying that had we not elected for the surgery >>>> there is a 300% chance of a relapse .
I am indeed a very happy chappy + deeply relieved indeed that we followed through.
Proof once again that each and every situation needs to be assessed / evaluated / discussed + deliberated on ……. before deciding on the way forward.

3/ I have also been discharged and will recuperate at home for a while and check in with the Professor at month end ….. so managed to jump my fence on my birthday …… and all surface staples have been removed – looking better day by day

PS/ have received a number of questions relating to the lifting of the stomach – so if one refers to the following pic > understand that the stomach used to reside towards the lower end of the lower scar. This has now been lifted and attached to the neck region as can be seen by the higher scar in the neck. Anatomically speaking just below the left carotid and above sub clavicle
Believe it or not …… dis waaaaaaar – ek se!!!



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  1. It feels like just yesterday when we got your notification ….. what a champ you are! We are right behind you on this journey ….. give it horns …

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  2. Most optimistic chap I know and in the words of Martin Luther King, The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at a time of challenge and controversy.

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