24th July 2015

To put it mildly life has changed …. in a biiiiiiggg way ….. and i am in the process of adapting.

So we know the oesophagus and part of the stomach has been removed + the remaining stomach has been attached to the back of the throat > situated in the left side of the neck.


When this is done the stomach is stretched and is know hanging there > albeit supported / splinted by the various neck muscles…….

This in itself is the cause for the biggest change – they warned me that my meal size was going to have to be scaled down ….. quite the challenge when your appetite is still normal.
For an example take a standard small / individual pizza size ….. well after 2 slices of that i am propvol!!! …. and by that i mean absolute!!!
The other day i didn’t take heed and pushed in a bit more ….. result = felt like my trachea was closing up ….. complete with the stridor [nasty sounds of blockage] ….. scary boet scary!!!!
Luckily i have a portable sats monitor in my jumpbag and i was able to gradually calm myself down …. as i was able to see that i had ample / adequate tissue perfusion 97% – even though i sounded like a wounded albatross trying to breath

They say the stomach will in actual fact stretch somewhat and the capacity will grow in time …… but time will tell > and we have to wait approx 6 months for that conclusion.

Other than that the wounds have healed extremely well and i am set for a checkup with the butcher on the 29th July.
I am hoping at this time that he will give me the green light to fly ….. as up till now they have frowned upon that – due to the risk of clots etc….

Weight wise down from 98 > 84 kgs ……

Doing a lot of walking > nothing less than 5kms a day – which has also been responsible for getting the lung function back in line.
Off the pain meds which is good > to be outta the mist / foggy cloud

Anyhow 1 day at a time > and just glad to be alive my friends


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