Update 02nd September 2015

So my friends a further update…..

As mentioned prior post op – one has to allow for a period of 6 months to allow some sort of normality to return.
Saying that we are now in week 10 out of the allocated 24 ….. and life she carries on.

One of the most noticeable [weird] physiological changes was at the attachment of the stomach to the back of the throat. Must say initially this felt like i had 2 fingers constantly pressing down at the back of the throat > not a pleasant feeling at all. I actually was of the opinion that this wasn’t going to work. However within the space of about 2 weeks – the brain had rewired this new setup and the amazing thing is whilst the attachment and apparatus [stomach et al] is still in place >>>> i no longer even notice it.

Portions of food are still small …… and there is no getting horizontal until at least 1hr after having eaten …. for no other reason than its just uncomfortable.
My capacity to swallow fluids [non fizzy] is growing by the day ……. also some welcome respite as the constant thirst was driving me nuts

Back at gym with personal trainer – has me going through the full motion / lunges / dips / medicine ball / kettle bells etc …… so now that the chassis has levelled out @ 83kgs she is getting nicely trimmed.


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