Stuart vs Cancer # Part 01

My reasons for starting a Blog are twofold:

1/ Shortly after my initial diagnosis I inevitably turned to the internet in an attempt to find further information on my condition + ended up punching in an array of search words. It however didn’t take long for me to realize that unfortunately there really is a plethora of information + disinformation located in cyberspace – to this extent I will document my journey in the hope that – perhaps > just perhaps, someone finding themselves in the same / similar circumstances / predicament might just be able to gain some usefull info.

2/ It also allows me to deliver the message to multiple friends and family instead of one on one – which in itself can be quite time consuming.

Using the Blog format allows the reader to visit and return at will digesting at their own speed the information that they encounter.



4 thoughts on “Stuart vs Cancer # Part 01

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  1. You are a brave man and the brave will survive. Fight this one liken very before – but then again I don’t need to tell you that. God bless my friend. 🙏


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