19th August 2017

WELL …..

Most of you are aware that there was somewhat of a distinctive radio silence over the last couple of days. Bottom line is I felt like I got hit by a freight train ……

In retrospect I feel there are a number of factors that contributed to this

1/ The side effects of anesthetic post procedure – normally I don’t suffer from these – but i think in this instance combined with the chemo toxins it certainly played a part.

2/ I already had a pre-existing volume of chemotherapy remaining having recently finished cycle 01

3/ The day of the procedure Cape Town was hit by quite a large frontal system – temperatures plummeted and snow fell on the surrounding mountains.

For those who are not aware > one of the side effects of my particular EOX cocktail …. is signs and symptoms to the fingers tantamount to frostbite – leaving one unable to touch anything metallic or glass without suffering an instantaneous surface burn.

So all we could do was set the storm sail / batten down the hatches & weather the storm – sleep playing a major part in this……


with the first break on morning 03 thereafter [Saturday 19th August] – standing on the scale one gets an idea of what has transpired – bearing in mind i weighed in at 85 kgs on the 16th August




I am under no misconception that we still have a way to go …… but right now its all about focusing on building back up again + completing Cycle 02

So to those of you who may be feeling a tad neglected – I hope the above puts things in a bit of perspective and whilst I do appreciate your words and messages of support – please understand that some replies already sent might be considered coated in BREVITY and for those lucky enough ……. no reply as yet!!


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  1. Don’t feel obliged to feed us news despite the fact that we are worried/curious etc. You have enough on your plate. I know how it is sometimes. 🍀🍀🍀💪💪💪🌞🌞🌞


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