05th September 2017


And so we get back in the saddle for Cycle 03

Spent the last couple days focusing on bolstering up the weight and managed to clock in at my fighting weight of 83.3 – as can be seen from the below snapshot – you can see the dip one experiences during treatment as the chemo acts directly on the cells [both good + bad]


It is imperative however to not only maintain enough fuel input – remember too this means anything of sustenance that works / appeals to you

BUT equally as important is to ensure that you get that required R & R – Rest & Recuperation

Take that nap …….. when the going gets tough break it down day to day / hour to hour …… the storm will pass



2 thoughts on “05th September 2017

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    1. If it’s one thing I have learned – don’t worry about the jerry cans mate ……. one day those “reserves” might just save your ass.
      My journey and re-designed “Racing Snake chassis” doesn’t facilitate for “jerry cans”….


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