20th September 2017

So many have asked what if any have been the noticeable changes……

Truth be told – I was warned about the EPIRUBICIN – AKA the “Red Devil” due to its red colour……… yeah I know it looks like Berocca effervescent … but I assure you it aint nothing like it!!


and its noted side effects ……

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 3.11.43 PM

Now taking the above points into consideration – we took extra precautions and had a baseline sonar / echo scan of the heart muscle prior to starting …… taking note of the above mentioned relation between Epirubicin therapy and Radiation therapy.


which received the all clear for us to kick off the party sessions…… because what must also be taken into account is that I have also had radiation – back in 2015


the maximum allowable dosage to my chest area when we were fighting the previous tumor situated in my esophagus prior to the removal of the esophagus and stomach resection.


Those of you who know me well – will realize that I am a very fitness conscious / orientated individual – who cannot sit still – so with the assistance of my trusty FITBIT I have been able to track the metabolic changes that have been occurring.



Now we have a 3 week window to build up the chassis to my fighting weight of 85kgs in preparation for the next round = as Cycle 04 is scheduled to kick off on Tuesday 10th October.



Clearly being back in the field operations is good for me …….


as the average pulse rate has dropped significantly. Still a tad higher than my normal average but then thats to be expected whilst on chemotherapy.


What is interesting to note ……… is that since the EPIRUBICIN therapy – I have notice HR spikes every so often in the middle of the night – which do not wake me ….. in fact to the contrary I have woken well rested the following morning and only noticed these details when reviewing my FITBIT data

So looking at the above spike of 204 bpm ….. lets now review the sleep data for the evening in question as follows ….. shows a well rested sleep of 07hrs 17 mins


Everything considered I am fortunate that I entered into this challenge with what can be accepted as an above average physical condition, which combined with a strong + positive mindset will see me cross that finish line…… of that I have no doubt!!

Watch this space…………..


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  1. Buddy, Looking at that stuff, you going to glow afterwards. Koeberg will have a job for you in the reactor.
    Land based is quite different to offshore.


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