06th November 2017

Just prior to removal of the chest drain we had an x ray taken to give us a snapshot of the landscape.

Looking at the above shot – a couple of features are distinguishable

1/ Above right in the left side of the chest is a circular object – that is the port that was implanted and hooked up directly to my jugular – allows for chemotherapy to be infused directly

2/ Above left you can see the chest drain pipe enter the thorax

3/ Now just directly above that you will also note a distinct white mass and a couple smaller ones as well …… we believe these masses are a result of Metastasis

And these masses are considered to be responsible for irritating the pleural lining and resultant fluid build up

Another worrying trend / sign is the gradual weight loss


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  1. Stay strong. At least you get scanned, biopsized etc allowing for more precise diagnostics and treatment plan. In Spain you would not have gotten that easily and not in a timely fashion.

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  2. Hi Stuart thanks for the update. You have certainly researched the subject well. There are lots of questions I have but will not belabour you with them as you no doubt don’t need me chucking my two cents in. I hope and pray you will be well and live to see your two beautiful girls grow up. I have told Linda that if she needs some moral support at any time I will jump on a plane and be there for all of you. Please continue to keep me in the loop. Best regards John Sent from my iPhone


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    1. Hi John – questions gladly answered – feel free to ask here within the forum or alternatively via other links WhatsApp et al…

      My medical team has also revoked my fit to work in remote locations – which is the right thing to do – as I need to focus all my energy on the fight ahead

      So guess this cowboy 🤠 gets to hang his hat + boots up at 49.3 months … early retirement- the family certainly aren’t complaining + neither are the 🐶


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