28th November 2017

It took me 47 years until I received my 1st chest drain…… by the time I was 49 years and some change ……I had already chalked up a grand sum of three. As such I consider myself to be somewhat of a veteran – having had them gain access to the chest cavity / pleural space through the left chest wall / right chest wall and now the latest one through the right anterior pectoral chest space.

There is nothing glamorous about them – in fact they are primitive and medieval…… but THEY WORK and anybody who has gone through the process will nod in agreement.

The main reason why they are indicated is to relieve pressure – whether it be from fluid or air – and the benefits are instantaneous.

It’s amazing how we take things for granted – being able to breath without thinking about it being a prime example ….. and it doesn’t take very long for the stark reality to set in once this luxury becomes labored as a result of ones lung collapsing.

So here I am 5 days later and the follow up X Ray looks good and everything is coming along nicely …… I am still in hospital and will be for the immediate future as we are waiting for the flow-rate of fluid draining out of pleural space to diminish somewhat

We also have the next round of chemotherapy coming up …… scheduled for the 4th Dec- – updates to follow🤠


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