Breaking my own Rules 05th Dec 2017

Rule number one always have a plan ….

Rule number two – stick to the plan ….

However if Rule number one isn’t working – STOP 🛑 – reassess and tweak the plan accordingly

In this instance I am referring to pain management – my team and I had a pretty watertight plan / system in place ….. but unfortunately my Cancer is spreading and as such hitting new 🎯 targets in turn wrapping its claws around new pain sensors and nodules.

Suffice to say since departing hospital and going home 🏡 over the weekend – I merely took the pain meds and decided to weather the storm ☔️ – hiding below decks.

Unfortunately my family sometimes places too much faith in my ability to make the right call and forgetting that sometimes these calls might need some reconsidering especially when ones judgment is clouded by said pain and lack of 💤 😴 sleep and in the absence Of professional medical staff monitoring you in hospital …… I slipped into a dark abyss.

Luckily this was only for 2 days as my scheduled dictated that I return back to Oncology to commence another cycle yesterday

As is the norm prior to getting hooked up the team sits together and we take stock of where are we – I realized how bad it was when this consult came to an immediate halt and I was promptly given Morphine injections to bring me back to a haze free sense of reality.

My pain treatment plan was re-evaluated and revised accordingly and then we moved onto the chemotherapy infusions.

By the end of the day – I was physically and mentally drained – but we once again had a functional plan in place and I slept 🛏 like a log

It’s the small things in life – that count


4 thoughts on “Breaking my own Rules 05th Dec 2017

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  1. Plans needs tweaking sometimes. Kinda funny I was discussing the issue of knowing what is best for one self when we get way out in the ropes and whether others need step in and take action!! But now you are in professional hands. This cycle will bring progress I am sure 🌈😴🍀🌞🌈🍀😴🌞🏁🥂


  2. You really are one helleva warrior, Pal! I wish I could take away your pain. You have to learn to ask for help …. not your kind of thing but you can do it! And when you are not too sure what to do, reach for the best bottle of red in your cellar ….. the rest will happen by itself .. 🙂


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