12th December 2017

Thank you for all the messages of support from around the 🌍

During my travels over the years I think I had underestimated the network that I have built up during my intrepid travels.

It is that time of the year and many of you are already on vacation / days off – and some have even enquired about hooking up for a good meal and obligatory bottle of the best that the Cape vineyards have to offer.

Unfortunately I have what can be considered off the grid for the last week since my last set of chemotherapy infusions ……

We have also been struggling to get a grip on my pain management – and as such have been re-admitted and am currently on morphine infusions

So for now keep the messages coming – I will endeavor to answer in a timely fashion

But more importantly stay safe over the festive season


9 thoughts on “12th December 2017

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  1. You’re sounding chipper despite the pain, my friend. I wish I could get away and swing by to show you and the family some love, but that is impossible at present. More importantly, look after yourself, and keep up the fight. X X X X


  2. Hi Stuart sorry to hear you are back in hospital.While there you might check out the talent. I hope by the time you get this mail your pain will be under control. Thinking of you as always. Have a bottle or two of the best over the Yuletide and another couple over the New Year. 🍷🍷

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  3. Bud. You will have to have a bottle or two on my behalf. But if I could ask a favour. Have beers instead of fermented grape juice. That stuff gives me a mother of an headache. I would be sharing your morphine with you.
    Stay strong and safe


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