13th Jan 2018

I had to LOG IN after being reminded by a friend that I haven’t updated my BLOG for a month ……… OK truth be told more than 1 friend kinda dropped the hint ……… surely not I said …….. LOG IN I did > only to see that they were all spot on

Well what can I say – so much has happened over the past month

One of the most noticeable being that the current pain meds that I was on – appeared to be losing their effectiveness. I was admitted into hospital so that we could determine

A/ What is causing the pain

B/ We could determine an appropriate level of pain medication as until one has experienced this particular bone numbing/ sinew excruciating/ nerve pulsating type of pain we are referring to it’s hard to explain it – what we are talking about…….. but I can assure you it’s the worst pain I have felt in 49 years on this 🌍

A CTScan quickly determined that the masses that we had previously tagged as sources of concern situated in the chest cavity and also those that had attached to the lymph node in my chest and also attached to the neck had grown and were obviously somehow involved…………….

Good news however -as a bit of research conducted had also revealed that the previous radiation areas are away from the current markers – it was therefore decided to set off on. A 10 day regime immediately whilst we were waiting for the chemotherapy days to count themselves down radiate / nuke the bastards (let’s not waste no time)

I mentioned counting down and for the benefit of those that need reminding – this would be referring to the chemotherapy Cycles (2 days of infusions follows by 21 days of nothing and then repeat) …….. the train of thought is to have radiation during. The waiting days – well too late now we are already on day 08/10 of Radiation

We officially finish waiting period for cycle 3 chemo on the 16th

As a matter of fact the the last 2 days Radiation is to be concluded on the 14th + 15th

The final PET Scan is now set to be carried out on the 19th – this is where they light me up with a radioactive sugary based dye From an isotope – what this does is that it lights All cancer masses in the vicinity

So the countdown has begun in various respects – here’s hoping for the best


6 thoughts on “13th Jan 2018

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  1. You’re kicking it hard and kicking it strong: send this dreadful thing back to hell where it belongs. I wish I could hold your hand right now. Holding my breath for the 19th. X X X


  2. Ah …. there’s that wry smile of yours! Special pic with you and Erin. Thank goodness you listened to your friends …we need to keep a tab on you and see that you’re behaving πŸ˜‰ Here’s to your PET scan results … hopefully you will be in a more comfortable zone. Sending hugs from all of us in KwaNatal and Perth Xx


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