22nd January 2018

Update as follows……..

I met with the team to review the PET scan results which was not a heap of good news.

Bottom line is I am being admitted to hospital in the morning as I have a very low white bloods cell count and more than likely will receive a blood transfusion to counter this.

The cancer is still evident in my chest cavity and has also now appeared in a node in my right arm

Once again the right lung is showing a large pleural effusion – which has to be drained as I am struggling to breath because of this

I am also struggling to swallow – and the scan shows that this is mainly due to a mass-pushing from within the neck region – they are hoping to widen the opening with an endoscope and ballon to apply pressure to widen the narrowing or perhaps even a stent – but the latter might be a tad difficult as my esophagus has been removed and placing a stent too close to the gastric join might cause complications – remember when my esophagus was removed my stomach was pulled up into the chest and attached in the neck region

Moving forward they have to treat the above listed signs and symptoms in the hope of making me comfortable in order that I can build up the required strength / body mass so that I can continue the fight

In my current condition they cannot give me any further radiation or chemotherapy


5 thoughts on “22nd January 2018

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  1. Ag man, Pal …. what to say, what to say!! This is k*k news. I had everything crossed that there would be some good news from this PET scan. Good luck for tomorrow. Hopefully you will soon be comfortable and then you will be able to fight back …. sending hugs from us all …


  2. These little buggers are a tad persistent BUT we can all agree that you are an overcommer, tenacious and a fighter!! Ok, so not the results one would have hoped for BUT I truly belief in my heart your “turning point” is on the horizon; this WILL be beaten and it is going to make one awesome testimony!! You and your precious family are in our prayers. Stay strong and hang in there….

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  3. Eish….so the fight continues. I have never met anyone like you, Stu, with such fight, resilience, resolve and positivity! You can overcome this. Remember you always have our positive thoughts, prayers, strength and love send across the miles….ALL THE TIME.


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